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Meet Gene Bott, CPA
Tax Expert & Proactive Planner
After deciding to pursue a degree in accounting, I found I simply loved figuring out how to use the tax code to my advantage. As I went through college, I frequently volunteered for the VITA volunteer tax program and helped people maximize their refunds by making sure we were claiming ever credit for which they qualified. Getting low income households their maximum refund was a game to me and a life savory for them, and I loved doing it.
A few years later I had my CPA license and decided it was time to put my tax knowledge to use. I went into business for myself and joined an elite program designed for tax planners. I quickly learned that the tax tricks I was using for low income households were child's play compared to what could be done for a business.
With over 100 different federal strategies to choose from, not to mention the hundreds of state and local strategies, I found we can save a business tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in taxes! In fact our average tax plan will save a business owner between $30K and $40K on taxes per year. And my team and I still enjoy doing it.

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Wasatch CPA Services will work with you to optimize your business and minimize your taxes. We will work to provide you and your business with the tools and resources you need to build a solid tax and business foundation.


Gene Bott, CPA

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