Through proactive tax planning we have provided businesses with


in annual tax savings strategies.

Through proactive CFO services, we have increased annual gross revenues for businesses by


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Our tax planning process and philosophy

  • We take a proactive approach to tax planning and strategy.
  • We account for all your needs to take the stress out of the process.
  • We work with you throughout the year.
  • We adapt your strategies throughout the year to match your changing business.

Our CFO process and philosophy

  • We help you focus on your most valuable functions
  • We balance your goals and your growth to help you find the time you desire while gaining the growth your business deserves.
  • We highlight the changes that bring your business the biggest impact for the effort required


Growing up as a young farm boy, I decided to join the FFA and become a business owner managing my own dairy cattle. I quickly learned how valuable good budgeting and record keeping in helping to turn a profit. I noticed those of us in the program who followed the budgeting and record keeping required by the program seemed to do well, while those that didn’t failed. This wonderful incite would later lead me to choose to pursue a degree in Accounting at Utah State University, where I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and Master’s of Accountancy degrees. Always seeking opportunities to grow and improve, I went on to obtain my CPA license.

I quickly learned I love working with taxes. The complex tax code provides several opportunities for the savvy business owner to save money on taxes through legal loopholes and deductions, while also rewarding them for taking advantage of wonderful retirement accounts. I’ve had the opportunity to help several clients find these tax opportunities to help them reduce their tax liability, and the satisfaction of helping someone save thousands of dollars on taxes is extremely gratifying. It’s rare to find an opportunity to do for a career something that is fun to do as a hobby, but I have been blessed to find that in my work.



I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting at UNLV. Since starting my career in accounting I have helped small business owners with their accounting and finance needs. Working with business owners has helped me understand the importance of having a plan. Once a plan or goal is established then great things can be accomplished. One client was able to double their income with goal setting and proper cash flow management. I moved to Colorado and  worked as a budget analyst for a school district. My area of responsibility was managing taxpayer funds for capital projects and the internal vendor group. I enjoy helping business owners create a road map for success and assist them with their business goals so they can focus on what they do best.



After 14 years in Texas and being a partner in a successful accounting business, Lisa Bloomfield wanted to be closer to her sister, nieces and nephew.  Lisa has 20 years accounting & tax experience, and has a Masters Degree in Accountancy. Lisa has prepared taxes for most of her career, worked  in municipal accounting for a decade and also holds licenses for financial services.

As your Bookkeeper, we take very seriously our services and the needs of our clients. Lisa has a strong reputation for being honest, transparent, and dedicated to her clients.

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