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Navigate Your Taxes With Help From Texas CPAs
Budgeting and Forecasting
Accurate budgets and forecasts built for you. Our CFOs will analyze your business drivers to build your business forecasts!
Fundraising Strategy & Support
A fundraising Strategy from experts who've done it before. Our CFOs can help prepare you to get the funding you need fast.
Certified Public Accountants
Get help from top tax experts across the United States to help you navigate the changing tax laws.
Correct Tax Mistakes
Most accountants are looking to submit your monthly numbers as quickly as possible, making critical mistakes. We can help.
Accelerate Your Growth
Build financial strategies and models that increase cash flow, improve profitability and give you a clear handle on what is going on.
Simple, Straight Answers
Get the straight answers when it comes to understanding how taxes will affect your past, current and future decisions.
Meet Gene Bott, CPA
Accounting Expert & Proactive Planner
After deciding to pursue a degree in accounting, I found I simply loved figuring out how to use the tax code to my advantage. As I went through college, I frequently volunteered for the VITA volunteer tax program and helped people maximize their refunds by making sure we were claiming ever credit for which they qualified. Getting low income households their maximum refund was a game to me and a life savory for them, and I loved doing it.
A few years later I had my CPA license and decided it was time to put my tax knowledge to use. I went into business for myself and joined an elite program designed for tax planners. I quickly learned that the tax tricks I was using for low income households were child's play compared to what could be done for a business.
With over 100 different federal strategies to choose from, not to mention the hundreds of state and local strategies, I found we can save a business tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in taxes! In fact our average tax plan will save a business owner between $30K and $40K on taxes per year. And my team and I still enjoy doing it.
Make Smarter Decisions for Your Business
Our outsourced CFO services help business owners to earn more money for themselves by helping them to grow their business profitably.
We show you how to conduct activities that keep your business healthy and thriving.
We treat your business like it's our business.
Our outsourced CFO services create permanent value for your business owners across industries including marketing, hospitality, manufacturing educational counseling, technology, service contractors, and many others.
We not only helps in making decisions but we also work with you to get to intimately know your company and help identify that these decisions need to be made in the first place.
We offer a complete end-to-end financial solution offering big picture and detail-oriented services to our clients that includes the guidance a CPA.
Accounting and business services that can help you stay on track.
  • Outsourced Chief Financial Officer
  • Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Business Cleanup
  • Small Business Tax Analysis
  • Entity Formation
  • Asset Protection
  • Wealth Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Consulting
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Wasatch CPA Services will work with you to optimize your business and minimize your taxes. We will work to provide you and your business with the tools and resources you need to build a solid tax and business foundation.


Gene Bott, CPA

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