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  • Tax Planning: Creating strategies to help you save on taxes now and in retirement.
  • Business Taxes: Keeping your businesses tax compliant, including Schedule C, Schedule E, Schedule F, K-1s, 1099s, 1120, 1120-S, 1065, and other tax filings you may need.
  • Individual Taxes: Helping you with your complex situations, including trusts, estates, deductions and credits, and other tax matters you may face.


  • Outsourced CFO: Providing you financial strategies while managing your financial activity and office needs.
  • Monthly Accounting: Bringing you excellent job costing and financial management to help improve your project bidding, revenue recognition, and expense reduction.
  • Setup or Cleanup Engagements–Helping you select, setup, and integrate the technology solutions you need, or helping you clean up and integrate the solutions you already have.

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Wasatch CPA Services, LLC, brings you over 25 years of experience for meeting your tax and accounting needs. With a heavy focus on continuing education, we keep on top of all the current tax and accounting laws and how they impact you. We consider all of your tax and accounting concerns our problem, and you can rest assured we will handle them promptly, professionally, and thoroughly. Our goal is to make your business as profitable as possible while keeping your tax liability as low as allowed by law.



CPA and Tax Strategist-saving the average client $26,515 on their tax liability



Business strategist-helping the average client increase profits 30% per year


Meet with an
expert accountant.

Tax Preparation – Flat fee based on forms needed.  Pay for what you need, not our research to do it.

Bookkeeping & Accounting – Hourly for all services.  Pay only for the time you need.

All our services are straight forward and to the point.  We offer free initial consultations to determine your needs before we begin.

Personal & Resourceful

We treat you like
friends & family.

At Wasatch CPA Services, LLC, your small business is our business. Your tax problems are our problems. We provide a variety of cost effective, extremely efficient, and thoroughly knowledgeable tax, bookkeeping, and office solutions, providing just the right amount of help for your needs.


What our clients have to say:

  • Working with Lisa is great. She has that very personal touch. She is very professional and always looking at ways to help you focus on what's best for your business.

    D. Scott
  • Lisa's bookkeeping, accounting, and small business skills set her apart from the rest. She's strategic, professional, timely, and current in her field of study. Lisa has proven herself as an important part of my TrailTalk team.

    A. Page

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